Word of the Day

dic mbosant nanokens!

(Good morning everyone!)

gen waytas ndanniks gi.

(Today is Wednesday.)


The pow-wow is going to some thing! There have already been people here to scope pout a camp site.

Today is going to be in line with a conversation during the pow-wow. Yesterday we had a good conversation starter: dwa nepka?-what’s happening? Let’s do another, fuller conversation starting with : dwa nepka?

A: dwa nepka? What’s happening?

B: Aaaah, ni so-ams gi.

A: datkni i gi? Where are you from?

B: ni yamakni gi. I am from the north.

B: waq i gi? How are you?

A: ni mooo dic gi.

A: dal i yekas-as gi?  Are you hear for the Celebration?

ii, ni ksiwlgis gi. Yes, I am a dancer.

A: coy, i ksiwlgas dicewa? So, you like dancing?

B: ii, amka ni nanqa tala ikagawapka!  Yes, Maybe I will win some money!

A: coy, ni am dic tingatko! Well, I hope you are lucky!