Word of the Day

dic mbosant nanokens!

(Good morning everyone!)

gen waytas wonipniks gi.

(Today is Thursday.)


Everyone wants the pow-wow to be a good event!

There really isn’t a word in Klamath for: pow-wow. But the word I have used a couple times could be expanded to mean pow-wow.  This word is: yekas. It is an event that includes dancing and singing. The first meaning of “yeka” in Gatschet’s dictionary is a chorus of singing, like what coyotes do. Then it grows to include human singing and then to include dancing and festivities. I believe that you need to use new words. so to “celebrate the new meaning of “yekas” to mean pow-wow I use it in this sentence in that meaning.


se-ets coy sandiyyat ni am yekas moooo dic gi.

I hope that the pow-wow on Saturday and Sunday is fantastic!