Education and Employment/JOM

The Education and Employment Department operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

(Closed on Holidays)

Julie Bettles, Director  541.783.2219 Ext. 109

Coquise Wilson, Eligibility Worker  541.783.2219 Ext. 133

Wyonna Weiser, Office Coordinator, 541.783.2219 Ext. 115

Camille Delorme, RED pgm manager 541.783.2219 Ext. 128

Aralia Blackwater Youth Transition Specialist

Mikki Green,RED program secretary

Preston Lewis, Youth Initiative Coordinator Ext./msg 115, or 541.783.2040

Shea Scott , Johnson O’Malley program coordinator,
Ext./msg 115, or 541.783.2040