Direct Employment Assistance (DEA)

Education & Employment Dept DEA Application

Direct Employment Assistance (DEA) 

Direct Employment Assistance (DEA) 
This is an assistance program that serves as a resource to assist people who have a job skill(s), that are unemployed or underemployed to obtain or retain permanent employment. The program provides support services, both paid and non-paid, to eligible Tribal members, to which include vocational counseling and employment services. Types of  non-paid services include but not limited to:

Labor Pool Database.

Referral Services

Job Development

Pre-employment Services that include

Resume’ Development

Interviewing Skills,

Labor Market Research

Work Ethic

Education & Employment Dept DEA Application

Types of paid services include but not limited to:

  • Summer Youth Employment (Seasonal)
  • College Intern Program
  • Available financial support Service for eligible clients, to include but is not limited to :
    • Required tools
    • Required Clothing
    • One-time subsidy payment:  Work related incidentals, utilities, transportation, etc.
    • Relocation costs

Eligible applicants for paid Support Services Applicants Must:

  • Be an enrolled member of the Klamath Tribes or other Federally Recognized Tribe or Alaskan Native
  • Reside within the defined Service Delivery Area (Klamath County)
  • Declare a desire and an intent to accept and retain full time permanent employment or part time employment that will lead to full time permanent employment.