Higher Education Scholarship (HiEd)

Higher Education Scholarship (HiEd)
This is an assistance program that serves as a secondary resource to supplement training institutions financial aid package which is applied for by a Klamath Tribes member. Awards vary and depend on an individual’s financial need and availability of funding. Non-paid services include:

  • Advice to students that are planning on or are attending college
  • Assistance with the Free Application for Federal Aid to Student (FAFSA) online forms
  • Scholarship information outside  the Klamath Tribes

Eligible applicants for a Klamath Tribes Scholarship must:

  • Be an enrolled Klamath Tribal member
  • Have obtained a High School Diploma or GED
  • Be admitted for enrollment in an accredited institution and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree or a two (2) year program which will transfer to a four (4) year institution.
  • Have utilized an approved financial needs analysis system and have demonstrated a financial need; and
  • Have completed the application and all its requirements

HIED Scanned Application2019

2012 Master’s Study App

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