Johnson O’Malley Program

The Johnson O’Malley Program provides support such as advocacy, equipment, fees, or workbooks for children prekindergarten through high school who live within the Service Delivery Area (Klamath County).  Paid support services are items required for a classroom or school related activity

Types of non-paid services include but not limited to:

  • Remedial coursework
  • Homework Assistance
  • Tutoring
  • Cultural presentations
  • Student incentives
  • Education Support Services for fees, college testing, advance placement or college coursework while still in public school, etc

JOM Application 01-2019

Eligible applicants for paid support services must:

  • Be an enrolled member a federally recognized tribe or Alaskan Native/Eskimo; OR
  • Be at least ¼ total blood quantum of any federally recognized tribe or Alaskan Native/Eskimo.
  • Between the ages of 3 (by December 31) and up to age 21
  • Enrolled in a non-religious based pre-school, public school, or  accredited alternative school on the date of application
  • Living within the defined Service Delivery Area (Klamath County)

JOM Coordinator :Alethea Barlowe