Small Business Development Program

The foundational structure of the small business development program is in line with the core objectives of the economic development within the community and scope of the Klamath Tribes.
The technical support given to tribal members on a one-to-one basis allows the individual entrepreneurs the opportunity to uniquely grasp business savvy skills needed to successfully own and operate their own business. The small business development program provides the technical expertise necessary for individuals to conceptualize, develop, engineer, and prepare their own business plans; the concept is designed to help create ownership of each unique business strategy.

The benefits of active participation will directly contribute to the acceptance of individual business feasibility with the transfer of knowledge in functional business practices. The community benefit will bring new businesses presented by tribal entrepreneurs with a foundation of an organized business structure. The numbers that can be impacted include both the tribal and non-tribal community in which the businesses will serve; and will model a structured business practice to those that acquire goods and services.

The Small Business Development Program is a USDA grant funded program. The Education & Employment department provides the administrative support for the Small Business Development Specialist, and supports the course curriculum “Indianpreneurship,” developed by ONABEN, A Native American Business Network. For more information, please contact:

Mailing address: The Klamath Tribes,
Attn: Education & Employment, Small Business Development Program
P. O. Box 436
Chiloquin, OR 97624

Phone: (541) 783-2219 ext. 208