Mission/Vision Statement

Member Benefits Department Mission/Vision Statement

Mission Statement: Distribute the excess gaming revenue from Kla-Mo-Ya Casino to the Klamath Tribes eligible membership in a fair, equitable, expedient and professional manner.

Vision Statement:  Provide 100% of our membership with current available benefits and to seek out new innovative, creative options for new benefits.

Program/department purpose:

The Klamath Tribes Member Benefits Department was established in 2007. The purpose of the program is to implement and perform a variety of functions to distribute the excess gaming revenue from Kla-Mo-Ya Casino to the Klamath Tribes eligible membership. The program is responsible for the planning, implementation and monitoring of the per capita distribution, minor and legally incompetents trust accounts and tribal enrollment.

Description of current scope and scale of activities:

  • To provide a fair and equitable process for the Klamath Tribes to distribute excess net revenues.
  • To establish and administer annual per capita check distribution in compliance with the Klamath Tribes Revenue Allocation Plan consistent with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 (IGRA), Klamath Tribal law and mission of The Klamath Tribes.
  • To coordinate and oversee Member Benefits and Minor’s Trust Accounts. This includes determination of member eligibility for distribution, liquidations, processing requests, ensuring account information, address and name changes, beneficiary forms, coordination with financial firms, reporting requirements to Tribal Council.
  • Development, oversight and maintenance of database for tracking membership distributions and effective file systems.
  • Compliance and adherence with Federal, Tribal and program rules, regulations and policies.