Ejectives 3

Klamath Tribes Language Project

waq dal ?i gee ?ewksiknii ?elGank
How do you say that in Klamath?

Ejectives Part III: Constinuents The consonant sounds represented by m, n, l, w, and y can be classed together as continuents. They are pronounced much the same as in English.


maksa = basket

pom = beaver


noo = I

napal = egg


loldam = winter

lac’as = house


waytas = day

won = elk


yaas = willows

yaama = blow from the north

In Klamath these sounds sometimes occur before other consonants at the beginning of a word, a combination unfamiliar to speakers of English.


mboosant = tomorrow

wso = chest

nqena = shout

lmena = thunder

wnak = son

ndan = three

wdomcn’a = swim

nkas = stomach

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