Ejectives 5

Klamath Tribes Language Project

waq dal ?i gee ?ewksiknii ?elGank
How do you say that in Klamath?

Ejectives Part V: Minimal Contrasts Sometimes words which are very different to Klamath ears sound the same to one who knows only English. It is therefore important to realize that not properly distinguishing all the sounds described above could result in a misunderstanding. Note for example the difference between these.

l versus L  

walGa = answer

waLGa = hide and wait

g versus G  

goy’a = talk with an accent

Goy’a = crawfish

w versus w’  

gawal = walk around on top

gaw’al = find

b versus p’  

balla = liver

p’alla = steal

c versus c’  

ciqa = leak

c’iqa = take liquid out

There are also many words that sound alike to those that do not speak Klamath but which differ in more than one sound. Here are a few examples.

waw’aaks = eye mucus

w’aw’aaqs = ear

paga = bark (of a dog)

p’aGa = smoke (as a pipe)

goGa = climb

GoGe = river

c’oqs = blackbird

c’ooks = leg

q’aljijiks = spider

joyjiks = strawberries