Vowels 2

Klamath Tribes Language Project

waq dal ?i gee ?ewksiknii ?elGank
How do you say that in Klamath?

Vowels Part II: Long Vowels There is a distinction in Klamath involving the time it takes to say a vowel. Klamath vowels are either short or long in duration. Barker used a raised period to note that a vowel is pronounced long. This course simply doubles the vowel. Note that ? is a glottal sound

niis = neck

?ii = yes


Goos = tree

yohoo = buffalo


beep = daughter

gee = this


dwaa = what

laap = two

Short and Long Vowels Contrasted

In Klamath, short vowels are represented with single letters (a, e, i, o) and long vowels are represented with double letters (aa, ee, ii, oo). The following examples illustrate the differences between the short and long sounds

a vs aa

?at = now

?aat = you all

e vs ee

gena = go

geena = all around there

i vs ii

?i = you

?ii = yes

o vs oo

Gos = swan

Goos = tree

loq = grizzly

looq = seed, core