Klamath Tribes Language Project

waq dal ?i gee ?ewksiknii ?elGank
How do you say that in Klamath?

Vowels Part I

When adapting the Latin alphabet to other languages, linguists customarily assign Latin (as opposed to English) values to the vowels. This has been true for most Klamath writing, except that Klamath e represents a sound similar a in English cat
( rather than e in Spanish peso). Also the Barker system does not use the letter u. The sound represented by o varies between o as in English vote and u as in English rude. The Klamath system could have used either o or u. Barker chose o. C = “ch” in Klamath language:


i = “e”

ptisap = father

dic = well, good


loloqs = fire

pom = beaver

e = “a”

wes =ice

pec = foot (no sound)


cak = serviceberry

qamals = dried fish

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