Aimee Francis Erlei-Souza

Aimee was born Jan. 5, 1978 to Lou Erlei & Gorgene Nelson-Wright in Klamath Falls, OR. Aimee was a strong beautful person inside and out, just full of love and compassion, giving anything to help her family & others, she was a beautiful dancer and an awesome designer, she always had a special touch to make anything and everything look so good.

She would always love to travel to different powwows dancing up a storm and having a blast with all her family and friends, traveling to rodeos and getting autographs was a must! Aimee loved to watch movies and TV Programs. She could sing along with it and pretty much quote the whole movie always teasing and laughing, using the quotes toward you.

Aimee was an honest women sometimes lil to honest :) but that was her lil personality, sometimes saying “Oh my big mouth!” never wanting to hurt but just wanted the best for her family and friends at the time. Aimee met the love of her life, Garrett Souze, June 5, 1997 and became his wife June 5, 2010 nothing meant more to her than her own little family, during the years they raised 4 kids as their own, she always had a passion to be a loving and caring mother to her children, always being so protective and devoted to her family, making sure they knew right from wrong and having tremendous faith and belief, showing them that anything is possible!

During the time she was sick having her devoted husband by her side helping, loving and caring for her. She was so grateful for such an awesome husband and so proud of the father and husband he became. Having the Lord in her life, she was able to let every negative thing in her life go and was able to forgive and forget. It gave her such warmth and having such positive believes and faith in the Lord til the end.
“Our lil Angel” you will be missed but never forgotten!