Attention! Coming in March, Film Crew on site for c’waam documentary

Attention! Coming in March, Film Crew on site for c’waam documentary

Second Notice!

Reminder to all Klamath Tribal employees and Klamath Tribal Members.

What: IMLS Grant project Summary 2020: Klamath Tribes of Oregon- c’waam Documentary

We are pleased to announce North 40 Film Productions, an award-winning film production crew, who’s been selected to produce our (1st ever) c’waam documentary (our quest to save our indicator species from extinction) will be here starting March 2-8th and again at c’waam Ceremony on March 28th in Chiloquin, Oregon. This documentary was made possible thru an IMLS Grant (Institute of Museums and Library Services) that will be facilitated thru the Klamath Tribes Public Information/News department. Filming will take place periodically thru December 2020.

As the Documentary Project Manager, I will be facilitating this process along with contracted Communications Con­sultant- Mark Glyde and Grants Manager, Jana DeGarmo. We will work directly with at Communications Team from Council, Youth Council, Culture & Heritage, Aquatics, Administration, etc.

We are excited for this unique opportunity within this program. We hope, through this piece, to promote and truly effect social and ecolog­ical change for this species and the Klamath basin, while fostering awareness and better relations in our homelands. It is our goal this media piece will help tell our story (thru the fish and our people) to further our mission of Treaty Resource Protection and ecosystem restoration, for future generations.

Sep’ket’cha- Thank you.

Please contact me for more information.

Ms. Taylor R. Tupper

Klamath Tribes Documentary Project Manager

Tribal Administration Headquarters

501 Chiloquin Blvd, or PO Box 436

Chiloquin, Oregon 97624


Phone: 541-783-2219 ext. 147

Cell: 541-891-3686

Below is a Summary of Events:

*(Note dates and times are subject to change without notice- as fish spawning and lake/river temperatures may dictate.)


Documentary film – kick-off mtg. March 2- at Tribal Administration- Chiloquin, Oregon.


*Discovery Kick-off mtg. Monday, March 2 – 9am at Fuego Conference Room

Jeff Ostenson and Charles Atkinson (North 40 Film Productions) will lead a 2 hour meeting to discuss the filmmaking process, story development, make suggestions for cast, and brainstorm 5 words to use as guides for the story throughout the process. We will check in on Friday, February 28 to pull together the plan/agenda for March 2.


*Filming, meeting people, scouting shot locations etc. March 1-8

Jeff and Charles with North 40 have blocked off the week from March 1 to 8 for filming. Hopefully water temperature and spawn timing will work out for that week for underwater filming of spawners. Jeff and Charles will also be looking to do some pre-interviews with potential cast members and others, scout filming locations and gather footage and generally get oriented to the people and places that will be part of the film. (see Alex’s shot list below).

*Note Tribal Elder’s, youth, and members will be sought to participate. As the filming develops, main characters will start to present themselves for the documentary. Film Crew will help make that selection with Klamath Tribal Team guidance.


*C’waam Ceremony March 28: All are encouraged to attend!

The North 40 team will be returning for the ceremony and interviews and continued filming. They will likely be coming a 1-3 days before the C’waam ceremony. Between the kick-off mtg. and returning for the C’waam ceremony North 40 will be working on script treatment and setting up some early interviews for when they return for the C’waam ceremony.


Potential Shot list provided by Aquatics Dept.


1)      Chiloquin narrows overlook – The would be a good place for a drone flight, the overlook is high above the Sprague River and would give a good landscape view of the river. This may be a good site to conduct an interview with Tribal members.

2)      Spring Creek – This is an excellent example of a relatively pristine waterway with essentially perfect fish habitat.

3)      Agricultural pumping operations – This is a good contrast to Spring Creek and is demonstrative of the poor enforcement of the Clean Water Act and outdated agricultural practices.

4)      Wood River Valley – A large cattle grazing area that is excessively grazed with essentially no riparian fencing or protection of waterways, again demonstrative of poor enforcement of the Clean Water Act and directly related to the plight of the fish.

5)      Confluence of the Sprague and Williamson Rivers – Presents an excellent contrast between the relatively good water quality of the Williamson River and the sediment laden Sprague River. This is a good place for a drone overlook, as you can see the two waters mixing.

6)      Highway 97 Bridge – A primary spawning location for both species of fish. If the water is shallow and it is sunny you may be able to get drone footage and see the fish.

7)      Lakeside springs – The hope is we can net some fish here and you can get up close footage if the timing is right for water temperatures.

For information contact: Taylor Tupper at

Or call 541-783-2219 ext. 147

The heartbeat of the Klamath Tribes, beats through the legacy of our ways.