Christopher Le Parazoo

In Loving Memory of Christopher Le Parazoo 

December 02, 1974 to July 01, 2015


Christopher was born in Burbank, California to Lucy Ann Parazoo- Ramirez and Leland Parazoo on December 2, 1974. He was raised in Chino, California and was a journeyman electrician for the state of California. Christopher was enrolled into the Klamath Tribes on December 17, 2014. He came to Chiloquin to get his tribal identification card, go hunting and to visit with his father in early June of this year. As an avid sportsman he loved skateboarding, surfing, street car racing, quad racing, motorcycle racing, was a horseman, and went on wagon train excursions. Christopher and his motorcycle friends provided charity work to under privileged families in southern California. In June of 2013 Christopher received his Credentials of Ministry from the Universal Life Church, The Monastery.  Christopher is survived by his daughters, Vanessa Lake Mendoza, Victoria Dawn and Anastasia Skye Parazoo, wife Jessica, sister Jennifer Angel heart and brother Curtis Paul Parazoo, his mother Lucy Ramirez, and his father Leland Parazoo, along with his loved nieces and nephews, and his best friend Chris Kelly and many friends.

Graveside services will be held a 10:00 a.m. on September 24, 2015 at the Fort Klamath Cemetery in Fort Klamath, Oregon. A memorial luncheon will be held afterward at the Chiloquin Community Center, 140 S. First Street, Chiloquin, Oregon.