Important Meeting Notice! Klamath Falls and Oregon!

Important Meeting Notice! Klamath Falls and Oregon!

  If you live in Oregon or the Pacific NW, this concerns YOU!!!

Open Public Hearing – We will be there to save our Water and Resources!


Thank You goes to the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation – Another Tribe who stands with the Klamath Tribal Youth Council and the Klamath Tribes in opposition to the destructive Jodan Cove/Pembina LNG Pipeline.

Stand WITH US AND SAY NO to Climate Injustice!


Oregon’s Clean Water, Clean Air, and Lands are NOT for Sale to a Canadian Company for Export Sales to Asia.  Enough is Enough.  12 Years we’ve been dealing with this destructive proposed pipeline!


They are NOT our neighbors and friends like their fake ads suggest- They are the destroyers of Clean Water and our children’s future!


If Built, this pipeline will:

*Endanger over 485 Water Ways- Including the Klamath, Rogue, Umpqua, Coos, and Coquille Rivers- not to mention threatening the wild salmon and fish that rely on clean water.

*It will trample nearly 700 private landowner and farmers rights, as they will be threatened with eminent domain if they do not settle for a small one-time payment for permanent use of their land.

*Traditional tribal territories, cultural resources, and burial grounds are threatened by this pipeline. The Klamath, Karuk, and Yurok Tribes have all passed resolutions opposing this pipeline!

*LNG is highly explosive. Above-ground portions of the pipeline would be located in wildfire-prone areas of Southern Oregon and the terminal would be located in the Cascadia Subduction Zone- tsunami zone- on the coast in Coos Bay, and placing over 16,000 people in the “Hazardous Burn Zone.”

*The terminal would soon become one of the largest greenhouse gas emitter in Oregon. The export terminal and increased fracking would soon become one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in Oregon.


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How can you help us fight the Fossil Fools?— See the poster below!  Join the Klamath Tribes Youth Council and many others on- Monday, January 7th, 2019 in Klamath Falls, Oregon (at Klamath Community College) 5pm- or write a comment in opposition today!

Write your comments today!  And mail them to: Dept. of State Lands/Attn: Director V. Walker

Other Locations of DSL (Department of State Lands) Public Hearings are:

See also the Klamath Tribes No Pipeline Video on YouTube, type in :  NO LNG Pipeline! Klamath Tribes

View current events on:


Or come to the Klamath Tribal Office today at 501 Chiloquin Blvd, in Chiloquin, Oregon, to get more information!