Important Notice to Tribal Members- Senate Bill 13

Important Notice to Tribal Members- Senate Bill 13

From: Klamath Tribes School Curriculum (Senate Bill 13) Working Group

To: Members, Klamath Tribes

Attention Klamath Tribal Members- Important Senate Bill 13 Information

Waqlis ?aat maqlaqs,

To fulfil its obligations under Senate Bill 13 (“Tribal History/Shared History”) passed by the state legislature in 2017, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has made funds available for the Klamath Tribes to develop our own curriculum—lessons about the Klamath Tribes that we would like to see taught in Oregon schools. A working group (any interested tribal members) was formed following discussion at the February 15, 2020 General Council Meeting. Our first meeting was hosted by the Klamath Tribes Education Advisory Committee on March 5th. 

Please consider joining our working group. If you can’t do that, please send us your recommendation(s) about what should be included in the curriculum. Although ODE has provided a general list of potential topics (included below), please don’t let their list restrict your ideas. The working group will take responsibility for fitting our members’ views into the ODE list.

From ODE: “tribal history, sovereignty issues, culture, treaty rights, government, socioeconomic experiences, and current events that are historically accurate, culturally relevant, community-based, contemporary, and developmentally appropriate.” 

If you send more than three topics, please rank your top three.

Please send your ideas to Abby Hall at:

and Clay Dumont at:

No later than March 18th. 

There will be much more time after the March 18th deadline for additional input from our members. This is only an initial step necessary for the Klamath Tribes to secure funds from ODE. Look for updates and calls for discussion at upcoming General Council Meetings.

Lastly, members can view the Klamath Tribes self-description, approved with subsequent revisions by General Council on 11/23/2019 at:

Click on “Educator Toolkit.” Then open the pdf file: “02 Essential Understandings of Native Americans in Oregon and turn to page six.

Curriculum completed before the current Tribal Council took office can be viewed at: