Important! Save the Date! Premiere c’waam documentary- Klamath Tribes

Important! Save the Date! Premiere c’waam documentary- Klamath Tribes

Save the Date!

Everyone should see this documentary!

Once the most important food in Oregon’s Upper Klamath Lake region, the C’waam and Koptu fish now face extinction as every summer toxic algae blooms and low water levels in the lake kill the young fish that are the future of the species.

FIRST LOOK: See a preview of a new documentary about the Klamath Tribes’ fight to save their sacred fish and Upper Klamath Lake before it’s too late.

*Premieres March 18 at 8:30 p.m. on Southern Oregon Public Broadcasting (SOPBS).

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*Will also be available to watch March 19th at: (Homepage)

See film Trailer NOW at:

See film Trailer NOW at:

Meet local Rancher and Klamath Tribal Member, Jerry Parrish. One of the film’s featured participants.

Standing here at his ranch along the Sprague River, he is dedicated to trying to keep the pollution to a minimum in the river system by utilizing Water Gaps on his property. He designed this Water Gap to keep the cattle off of the river banks and to minimize their pollution into the water system.

Jerry says, “I had to come to the realization that cattle ranching is part of my heritage too. I’m proud to be a Tribal member and I’m proud of the work I do here on my ranch in the Sprague River Valley. This river joins the Williamson and then Upper Klamath Lake, it’s my hope I’m doing my part to help our fish with these Water Gaps.”

He adds, “The first Water Gap I ever built was when I was a teenager and today I might be the only one with two along the Sprague River or this valley?” He adds, “They are fairly inexpensive and the way I build ‘em the water flow will come into the Gap even when the river is low, this design allows the cattle to drink without traveling out into the river system. I think everyone should build one of these along any waterway, it’s not hard, it’s just good logic and common sense.”  

*Photo by Taylor Tupper- Klamath Tribes News Dept. March 2021