News: 1st Vaccine distribution- KTHFS Wellness Center

News: 1st Vaccine distribution- KTHFS Wellness Center

1st Covid-19 Vaccination given at the Klamath Tribes Wellness Medical Center in Chiloquin, Oregon

Wednesday, December 23, 2020 12:46 PM
1st Covid-19 Vaccine distribution 

Who:  Tribal Members, and KTHFS  medical staff Kimmie McNair and Lena Schonchin with Brandy Rogers CMA and Misty Wadzeck, RN, Nurse Supervisor, Employee Health

What: COVID 19 Vaccination at Klamath Tribal Wellness Center

When: 12/23/2020 @ 11am today the 1st Covid Vaccinations took place

Where: KTHFS Wellness Center Chiloquin at 330 Chiloquin, Blvd, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

What to expect and how can members get more information:

COVID -19 vaccine arrived to KTHFS  the afternoon of 12/22 , and vaccination of front line health care workers has begun to ensure health care can continue to be provided to the members of the Klamath Tribes as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Initial doses are being prioritized to high risk tribal members , and more vaccine is anticipated to be arriving within the next week. 

When the health care team received the first doses of vaccine today, they did this as a team , no one went first.  Klamath Tribal Health and the Klamath Tribes have faced the COVID pandemic together,  and will continue to do this together- and in this case, we even vaccinated together.

The medical team believes  in the safety of this vaccine, and will be giving out information on facts vs. Myths about the vaccine. We will share more information soon.

For more information:

If you are tribal member  interested in a COVID vaccine (and are >65 years of age, or are high risk) please call the wellness center at 541-882-1487 to be placed on the list for the COVID vaccine. 

Thank you.
Misty R Wadzeck RN, BSN
Nurse Supervisor KTHFS
Employee Health Klamath Tribes
Klamath Tribal Health