Remote Education… We need your help

Remote Education… We need your help

Dear Klamath Tribal Members:

Since schools are closed through June, a group of local Tribal members would like to produce Tribally relevant content in short form videos for Tribal youth and families during this time of quarantine. We are calling this project Ewksiknii Remote Education.

We need your help! Would you like to share your local knowledge about:

•          Maqlaqsyals

•          First foods

•          Beading/Weaving

•          Language

•          Storytelling

•          Histories

•          Art

•          Outdoor recreation (from a Tribal perspective)

We are looking for Klamath Tribal members willing to take part and share their knowledge and are willing to be recorded.  We hope to provide content that is interesting and accessible to our Tribal youth that will strengthen ewksiknii ideals through digital medium. The content will then be available on YouTube for Tribal members to access.  We are hoping to expedite this project for the benefit of our youth during these times of crisis.

Introduced by Paul Wilson as a Tribal community-oriented response to needs for remote education, a series of short-form video with a focus on education informed by Tribal community relevance will be made available to Tribal public online.  Collaborations have grown to include Klamath Tribes Education Committee, Education Department, Prevention Department, and OHSU On Track.

If you are interested in participating, please contact:

Paul Wilson