Special Tribal Council Meeting- view via Live Broadcast on Website (Tribal Member Access)

Special Tribal Council Meeting (Today-March 19th) at 2pm- Reminder you can view via Live Stream on the Tribal Website (also thru your smartphone).

During this time we would like to remind the Tribal Membership that Tribal Council meetings are broadcast LIVE thru the Tribal Member section of the Website: Follow these steps…

1.       Go to website: www.klamathtribes.org

2.       Click the Green button on the Home page called: Council Live Stream

It will take you to the Tribal Member Protected Area. Enter the PASSWORD and then click the RED Council Live Stream button.

*Note: If you are an enrolled Klamath Tribal Member and do not have a Password, please email your name and Tribal Enrollment # to:

              *Email: Secretary, Roberta Frost for the password at: roberta.frost@klamathtribes.com


              *Email: Public Information Manager, Taylor Tupper for the password at: taylor.tupper@klamathtribes.com