Tribal Member Spotlight! Congrats!

Natalie Ball

Natalie Ball is headed to New Zealand this month with her oldest daughter to participate in the 20th anniversary exhibition, “TOIOHOXX 20 Years of Māori Visual Art at Massey University”, at Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North. This academic and studio program is renowned for leading the discourse and rhetoric regarding Maori and Indigenous arts in relation to self-determination and decolonization. Natalie went to New Zealand to participate in this program with her daughter and graduated with her Master’s degree specializing in Native American and Indigenous Visual Arts in 2009.


She has been partially funded for this trip by her Tribe, and the New York Foundation for the Arts grant, but she is still in need of pocket monies for food and unforeseen costs.


This is an invitation to you to get your NAILS painted by her for $10 (“tips” are welcomed and encouraged!), please contact her to schedule your nail appointment. Donations are accepted as well!


To see her latest performative art piece at the Portland Art Museum and previous work including the installation she is taking to New Zealand “Mapping Coyote Black”, visit:






Natalie Ball

Social Services, Office Manager

The Klamath Tribes

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