Tribal Spotlight on Success!

Congratulations and job well done!

Angie Morrill

Angie Morrill earned her PhD from University of California in Ethnic Studies.  Her research focuses on Native feminist methodologies and Indigenous research ethics.  She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, the daughter of Peggy Ball and Dwight Ball Morrill.  She received her B.A. from the University of Oregon in Ethnic Studies and she wrote her M.A. thesis at UCSD on “Decolonizing Klamath Termination.”  Currently she is the Coordinator of Native Recruitment at University of Oregon.


If you have any questions or need information regarding recruitment at UofO, please contact:


Angie Morrill, Ph.D. (Klamath Tribes)

Coordinator for Native American Recruitment

Office of Admissions

University of Oregon