Reclaiming Your Language

Having a conversation is a great thing. However, you need to plan your conversation. What do you want to talk about?

Set a topic and research all of the words you can think of that will be used in your conversation.

In a conversation, you will use several sentence types-questions, answers to the questions, more questions,….

We will set an example topic of: weather.

You will need to know the words for  all kinds of weather activities: snow, wind, rain, sun, cold, hot, dusty, sunny rainy, windy,

The word for snow is kes. Everyword we looked at that ends-y is made from the noun + altko.

                noun                                                    adjective

              snow=kes                                         snowy=kesaltko

             sun=sabas                                           sunny=sabasaltko

            rain=qdocis                                             rainy=qdocisaltko

           wind=slewis                                          windy=slewisaltko

           ice=wes                    frozen=wetkoicy=wes gitko 


           snow=kena     rain=qdoca       wind blows=slewi   freeze=wen    is cold=gattka       is hot=gelpka          dusty=nkika