Reclaiming Your Language

This is a list of some of the new things in the reading.

1. tala-ak=straight, when used with hemkanga it means to speak straight, to speak the truth.

2. didatna=sometimes, reduplicated from dina twice.

3. nayensh=others

4. snapempema=trick, cheat, fool

5. hasiugis=1st noun of hasiuga

6. kiyis=1st noun of kiya-to lie, used twice in a different meaning

7. ka-ika=to behave strangely, foolishly

8. nanokdwati-about everything

9. gemgemli=quiet, calm

10. pelpelis=1st noun of pelpela

11. hemkangabli=reply, respond

12.katak=the truth

13. katak gi=to tell the truth

14. yoyalka=to be sorry, to feel bad

15. hak=a particle of emphasis. here can be translated as “just.”