Reclaiming Your Language

Of course, for you to do this exercise, it would be easier if I actually showed you how to do it.

Every verb in Klamath can make at least three nouns. Surprise! The nouns are made with suffixes!

That probably wasn’t a surprise. But the nouns are really very easy to make.

I refer to them as: 1st noun, 2nd noun and 3rd noun.

The 1st noun is made with the suffix -is. Drop the final “a” of the verb and add the suffix -is. This makes a noun that mostly refers to the person doing the action of the verb.

gena=to go

gena + -is = genis-the person who goes. Sometimes you will have to use a clause with a relative pronoun in it kike this. However, there is an English word for this. The person who goes is” a traveler.

hot genis gi. He is a traveler.

The 2nd noun is made with the suffix: -as. The meaning of this noun is : the verb + the suffix -ing.

gena=to go

genas is going, travelling

ni genas dicewa. I enjoy travelling.

The 3rd noun is made with the suffix: -otkis. It refers to the tool or instrunebt that helps to do the action of the verb.

gena=to go

genotkis is the 3rd noun. It is the instrument or tool used in going, travelling.

A car is a good meaning for genotkis. But also: skate board, roller skates, bicycle,….

can be expressed by this noun.