Reclaiming Your Language

This week we will be doing some work with months of the year.

tgopo=January                     lapni tgopo=June                      lapni shinaktis=November

spelwish=February                lapni spelwish=July                   lapni kapca=December

datglamni=March                  ndanni tgopo=August

shinaktis=April                       ndanni spelwish=September

kapca=May                             lapni datglamni=October

Now, If I say to you: First Foods what do you think about?

I have some sentences for you to look at and translate.

1. lobini papas-It is not a sentence.

2. dwa lobini papas gi?

3. dwa lobini papas nalam tankni maqlaqs tgopowatga ishka?

4. nad ndanni tgopowatga iwamla.

5. nad meyotkistga boqs meya.

Use your dictionary for help and email me your questions.