Reclaiming Your Language

There was a sentence last night that I need to go over. The sentence was: I am fishing in June.  There is a different sentence that is very close that we may have touched on and it has a different sentence structure.

I am fishing in June. ni lapni tgopowwat kyemla.

I am going fishing in June.  ni lapni tgopowwat gena kyemla.

So, in order to avoid this confusion again, I will make an exercise that highlights this difference.

Complete the sentence in Klamath as indicated.

1. I am going to Klamath Falls. _____________________________________________.

2. I am going to sing. _______________________________________________.

3. I am going to eat. ___________________________________________.

4. We are going to hear it. _______________________________________.

5. you are going to live in Oregon. ______________________________________.

6. They are going to go to Klamath Falls by car. _____________________________________________.

7. We are going to go hunting. ________________________________________________.

8. We are going hunting. ____________________________________________________.

9. We are going to be in school. _____________________________________________________.

10. In September we are going to have school again. ________________________________________________________________________________________.

If you have any questions, we can go over this next Tuesday or you can send me an email.