Reclaiming Your Language

nanok sidyaykatki waytas sepkecasammat! giank ipkis! Please be safe!
We are going to focus on how we can use what we have learned. We are going to assume that
It is now time to practice what we have learned. It is possible to write down in English a conversation
I have a new suffix I would like to share with you. It will have limited use but it is
I am sorry that yesterday's Word of the Day was not as clear as I had planned it to be.
By making questions, applying verbal suffixes and changing out the nouns in the sentence for other nouns, any person can make a
We are going to continue with sentences structures that will provide many sentences. It may seem obvious but the next
We are going to focus on structures that will maximize the number of sentences we can make. we are going
Today we will continue with and complete the verbal suffixes. In today's suffixes is one of only a few specifically
Today we will continue with the verbal suffixes we began the other day. The starting sentence is: ni lilhanks domna.