Reclaiming Your Language

Because of the fire in the area, the tribe was closed for a week. This makes it a little difficult
Today we are going to begin our introduction to questions. We can make sentences and by asking a question we
Today we are going to see our first verbal suffix. A suffix is a piece of information that has no
Last night in the Zoom Meeting there was a request to cover "family." In Klamath family is a vast work.
Today we will continue what we did yesterday. It is very important to be able to make sentences AND be
Today I am going to make some sentences from the verbs we did yesterday. I will leave it to you
Greetings everyone! Today we will look at three verbs. Then we will go on to time elements and add these
Our three verbs today are: shuta=do, make; gena=go; wola=ask. shuta is a verb that needs to have an object even
Last night we had a good Zoom Meeting-5pm-5:30pm. It went well and I want to thank those who came and
Today we will look at the 2nd group of three verbs: ambodga-thirsty, bonwa-drink and pan-eat. As before we will use