Reclaiming Your Language

Starting today we will have a separate email for Reclaiming Your Language. We will be examining new verbs, making nouns from them and making as many different sentences as possible. That means we will be using as many suffixes as we can. I seem to remember sending out the list of suffixes. If not, I can do it again.

We will start with 10 verbs and see how it goes.

1. lbena=to dig                                                      6. lolwa=to sleep outdoors

2. lbuka=to exist, be alive                                   7. luyega=to lift up

3. ledsha=to knit                                                   8. haspa=to feed

4. le-ola=to be lost, to wander                            9. masa=to taste, to be sick

5. lokanka=to be lost, to wander                       10. macatka=to pay attention, to listen

Do you remember how to make nouns?

1st noun= add the suffix is. It means the person doing the action of the verb or the action itself.

2nd noun= add the suffix -as. Generally this means: verb + ing. It can also be another form of the noun.

3rd noun=add the suffix -otkis. This is the tool or instrument used to do the action of the verb. This noun is a group of nouns. i.e. sle-otkis=telescope, pair of glasses, microscope, magnifying glass. Other I am sure.