Reclaiming Your Language

We are going to make a change of topic for a bit. We are going to look at colors. Remember, Klamath is a language of suffixes and prefixes. So, there are a couple suffixes and one prefix we will look at.

1. -tgi= makes the color (an adjective) a verb.

hot gos taktgi. That tree turned red.

2. The suffix -tkani make the color more precise

You take the first part  of the repeating syllable and add the suffix -tkani to it to mean  color-ish.

taktkani= reddish, somewhat red, a little red

mectkani= bluish, somewhat blue, a little blue

3. The color can be used as a prefix.


The word kalkma=round basket hat.

So, you can add the first repeating syllable to the front of your noun and get a noun compound.

meclaq=blue hair from mecmecli laq.

hot meclaq gi. She has blue hair.   OR  hot mecmecli gi.  It is your choice. You are the speaker.