Word of the Day

Today I would like to look at another noun/verb pair. The noun is: paisas=cloud. Can you figure out what the verb is? Just remove the -s suffix and you have the verb.

Let me make a few sentences and you translate them. Yesterday we had the pair: lacas/laca. The meanings were: house and the verb means: to build a house.

Today we have: paisas/paisa. The meanings are: cloud and the verb means: to be cloudy.

ni paisas sle-a. _______________________________________

gen waytas paisa. _____________________________________

Can you make a sentence with paisas or paisa?

hot= it, she, he, that


gi= is, was, were, are, am, have, had, get, got.

So, now you put it all together.


The sentence structure you are familiar with is: hot ___ gi. That is ___.

also : gen ___ gi. This is ___.

In the blank you need to put a noun-paisas is a noun.