Word of the Day

Today we will combine the Word of the Day with a phrase that can help you in your daily life. We will work with a verb you can find on your hand out. It is: sanauli. It means: to want. We are going to use it in a sentence that has two verbs. The second verb can be translated into English as an “infinitive.” This is a part of the verb translated as: ” to …”

This structure can be used in many situations. It is I want ___. Many verbs and/or nouns can be put into the blank. Try a few sentences. There are many things any person wants or wants to do.  I want: a horse, a deer , a house. I want to : hear, see, know,…

Todays phrase is: I want to help you.



mis=you-as the object of the verb

satwaya=help-we used this verb yesterday.

So, putting it all together we get: ni sanauli mis satwaya. I want to help you.