Word of the day

dic psekst giulank nanokens! (Good afternoon everyone!)

gen waytas wonipniks gi. (Today is Thursday.)


Hello everyone, the end of the week is almost over. I’ll keep throwing out some colors until tonipniks comes. So today’s word of the day is; black (bosbosli).

There are a lot of things that are black, and it’s all over the world and then some. So if you do or don’t already know this word, we’ll cover it anyway. There’ll be some examples that you could easily follow along with as we go.


witem bosbosli gi. (The black bear is black.)

wacak bosbosli gi. (The dog is black.)


Here are just a few simple examples that anyone could follow along with, and if you know anything else that’s black, you could put those in as well. But I’ll break down these ones for now.


witem = black bear

bosbosli = black

gi = is


This example makes some pretty obvious descriptions about the black bear, and notice witem is different compared to loq. I mentioned in one my other e-mails, that I use the Klamath names for each type of bear to easily identify which one I’m looking at.


wacak = dog

bosbosli = black

gi = is


Here I’m just rinsing off a sentence that put up in previous e-mails and using the same structure just with different adjectives. I encourage you all to explore what you know and become smoother when you practice.


I hope everyone learned something today, and there are recordings of the examples attached as well.