Word of the Day

This week we will be we will be examining questions. Today’s question is : how to ask a yes/no question.

Of all of the questions, this is the easiest. Whatever your sentence is you add the word: “dal” to the beginning of the sentence.

My demonstration sentence is: ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain.

To make this a yes or no question it becomes: dal ni yayna sle-a? Do I see the mountain?

If you are asking the question of another person, you need to change the pronoun to fit the circumstance. Imagine you are speaking to one other person. The pronoun becomes: “i” for the word “you.”

Try this question on your demonstration sentence.

So, we now can make a mini conversation.

ni yayna sle-a. dal i yayna sle-a?

I see the mountain. Do you see the mountain?