Word of the day (ambodga)

dic mbosant nanokens!

gen waytas ndanniks gi.

Hello everyone, better not blink cause the week is flying. Back to the topic, has anyone felt like drinking water yet? There’s a word for that too, and today we get to cover it. Today’s word of the day is; ambodga (thirsty).

We’ll go over the word with two examples so everyone can get used to it.

ni ambodga.

dal I ambodga?

These are the same type of sentences that we’ve already seen. I’ll break them down to let everyone see just how simple they are.

ni = I

ambodga = be thirsty

This is a very simple sentence that anyone can say. This is a direct sentence that means you’re thirsty and that could mean anything, from water to soda pop. So be sure to add more context if you feel you’re being vague.

dal = yes/no question indicator

i = you

ambodga = thirsty

This is a question you can ask at any time. Be sure to check on someone today and make sure they’re hydrated. And try to make more questions for others, by using this format for a more fluid understanding.

Hope everyone learned something new today.