Word of the day – celga

dic mbosant nanokens!

gen waytas tonipniks gi!

Hello everyone, the end of the week is here. Let’s end the week with a simple and easy verb to learn. Today’s word of the day is; celga (sit).

There will be two examples to follow with as we go along the path to learning how to use the word in sentences.

yayna hoccnank, ni celga.

coy ni celgawapka gejigok.

These examples correspond with each other, but they could also be used separately. Let’s break down the sentences into each word definition.

yayna = mountain

hoccnank = after running

ni = I

celga = sit

This example is bread and butter if you are into running a lot. You could also replace the noun that is in the sentence, to fit the place you want to talk about.

coy = so

ni = I

celgawapka = will sit

gejigok = because of being tired

This is a more complex sentence, but this also makes you think about which word means what. The more you think, the better you will be at understanding the process. The suffixes in this sentence also make things easier to say, rather than saying a mouth full of words.

Hope everyone learned something new today. There are also recordings of the examples attached as well.