Word of the day – cikas

dic mbosant nanokens!

gen waytas tonipniks gi!

Hello everyone, the week has come to a very quick end. I’m sure all of you have plans of the weekend. Let’s review a word that we’ve seen all week. Today’s word of the day is; cikas (bird).

There will be two examples on many different ways you could use the word.

hodsha cikas gi.

nat doma wiqcis cikas gida gi.

These are easy sentences to read, but reading and saying are two different topics. So I’ll break down these examples into each word’s definition.

hodsha = those

cikas = birds

gi= are

This is a very simple sentence, and the meaning is very simple as well. Just practicing these kind of sentences is a huge steppingstone to being proficient in the language.

nat = we              doma = many

wiqcis = different kinds                 cikas = birds

gida = here         gi = have

This is a mouth full, no doubt. However, the bigger the sentences that we use, the better we start to understand what it is we are talking about. This example sentence is specifically describing the birds, and where they are. Very simple meaning, but also very specific.

Hope everyone learned something new today. There are recordings to help with pronunciation.