Word of the day – dukdukwas

dic psekst giulank nanokens!

gen waytas lapniks gi.

Hello everyone, the week is closing in, and there are always more words to look at. If you figured it out, the topic this week is birds. So today’s word of the day is; dukdukwas (osprey).

There are going to be two examples that we can follow with as we go.

dukdukwas moni cikas gi.

dukdukwas kui galowwat sica.

These are some complex sentences, but they will look much simpler after I break them down for you. Here are the sentences word by word.

dukdukwas = osprey

moni = large

cikas = bird

gi = is

This is a very simple sentence that you can say whenever you think of this big bird. Make note that you can prolong the word “moni” for example: “mooooni”. This indicates that you are taking about something huge, as compared to something large. A comparison would be; a small house sized up next to a skyscraper.

dukdukwas = osprey

kui = far out

galowwat = in the sky

sica = fly up

This sentence looks a little scary, but the context is quite simple. In this example, you describe what the osprey does in one sentence. Notice that both of these sentence structures look familiar, as we have done a few of these kind of examples in past Word of the Days.

Hope everyone learned something new today. As always, there are recordings of the examples attached as well.