Word of the Day February 11, 2020

dic mbosant nanokens!

gen waytas lobini gi.

I believe we haven’t went through our trees in a while, so this week we’ll go over them. Like English, we have different names for the many different trees around here. The word of the day is; wolwans (cedar).

There will be two examples of the word as usual.

            hot wolwans gi. (That is a cedar tree.)

            ni wolwans bilwi. (I smell a cedar tree.)

Let’s break these examples down, and see what goes where.

            hot = that

            wolwans = cedar

            gi = is

This is a very simple sentence points out the subject. You can use this common sentence structure to adapt yourself into speaking the language.

            ni = I

            wolwans = cedar

            bilwi = smell

This sentence is just as simple, but there is a verb here that we’ll cover later. For now we can adapt the sentence structure to other nouns that have smells that we know of. Remember, the S.O.V structure is usually the one to stick with when making a sentence in Klamath.