Word of the day – giscna

dic psekst giulank nanokens!

gen waytas lobini gi!

Hello everyone, a new week is here. As always, when a new week starts, a new topic will start right along with it. This week’s topic is motion verbs. The word of the day for today is; giscna (walk).

There will be two examples to follow with as we go along and learn how to use the word in sentences.

ni cis giscnawapka.

dal i dola nis giscnawapka?

These two very simple examples can be easily said. The most important thing to look for when translating into English, is finding words that you do know and go from there. Let’s break down the sentences into each word and look at what we have to work with.

ni = I

cis = home

giscnawapka = will walk

This is a very simple sentence that is also easy to understand. The only time nowadays I imagine, is with the kids getting back home from school or another event. But don’t let me spoil the spirit of keeping healthy.

dal = yes or no question indicator

i = you

dola = with

nis = me

giscnawapka = will walk

This sentence is a follow up on the other example to ask the person whom you were talking to. The gesture is could be a long sentence on paper, but the effort to ask is little to none. Being healthy is an important mindset that should be encouraged through questions like this.

Hope everyone learned something new today. There are recordings of the examples attached as well.