Word of the day – hoccna

dic psekst giulank nanokens!

gen waytas lapniks gi!

Hello everyone, this feels like another short week for the agenda. Nevertheless, keeping schedule pace, let’s learn another word for the day. Today’s word of the day is; hoccna (run).

There will be two examples to follow with as we get down to the bottom of the page.

ni mbosaksowasdat hoccna.

ni yulalonadat hoccnawapka.

These are simple sentences, and you use other names of places from where you’re at. Let’s break these examples down to each individual words of the sentences.

ni = I

mbosaksowasdat = at Chiloquin

hoccna = run

Anyone can say this simple sentence. There is a suffix attached to the second word of the sentence. The suffix “-dat” is put onto nouns, in this example the noun is Chiloquin. The suffix means that you are speaking of that noun with one of these meanings; in, at, or on. This example demonstrates the use of “at”.

ni = I

yulalonadat = in Klamath Falls

hoccnawapka = will run

This example sentence describes what I will do in the future. The suffixes in this sentence changes the meaning of the subject and the time it takes place. The Klamath language is very fascinating like that, and makes speaking just as easy.

Hope everyone learned something new today. There are recordings attached as well.