Word of the day – honcna

dic mbosant nanokens!

gen waytas wonipniks gi!

Hello everyone, the week is coming to a fast close. Nevertheless, the word list for this week continues. Today’s word of the day is; honcna (fly).

There are going to be two examples to follow along with as we move on.

nanok memekli honcna.

memekli salammat moat honcnawapka.

These should be easy to translate, for some at least. The others who can’t, are in luck. I’ll break down the example sentences into each word, and then we’ll see what they all mean.

nanok = all

memekli = waterfowl

honcna = fly

This is an easy to understand sentence. If you don’t know some of these fancy words in this sentence even when it’s translated, I suggest you read a dictionary. However, the term waterfowl, is generalizing the birds that live around the water most of their lives.

memekli = waterfowl

salammat = in fall

moat = south

honcnawapka = will fly

This sentence looks scary because there are suffixes involved. However, we already covered these suffixes. The only thing to look out for is the order the words come in, because that confuses some people. The grammar order the Klamath words should be in is; Subject, Object, Verb.

Hope everyone learned something new today. There are recordings of the examples attached as well.