Word of the day – olash

dic psekst giulank nanokens!

gen waytas ndanniks gi.

Hello everyone, the week is coming to a close. Whatever pace time is going, I’m sure all of you are keeping up. Now with the next word, and keeping close to the topic of the week. Today’s word of the day is; olash (dove).

There will be two examples to look at. They are both simple enough to understand, especially after breaking them down.

olash bekbekli gi.

olasham domnas gemgemli gi.

One of these might look impossible to read, but there will always be hope to achieve any goals. I’ll break down these sentences to give everyone that spark to kindle the fire. Here we go.

olash = dove

bekbekli = gray

gi = is

This is a very simple sentence, and I bet you could even teach a parrot to say this line. However, it is important to know what exactly you’re saying, otherwise you might say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

olasham = of the dove

domnas = sound

gemgemli = silent/ quiet

gi = is

This sentence is more complex, but there is hope. The sentence is describing the characteristics of the dove. The translation would be; “The sound of the dove is quiet.” Or something similar of the sort. Something else to keep in mind when translating sentences into Klamath is that there are many dialects to choose from. There is no certain way to speak the language, as long as others who speak it can understand you.

Hope everyone learned something new today. There are recordings of the examples attached as well.