Word of the day – pisas

dic mbosant nanokens!

gen waytas lobini gi!

Hello everyone, the beginning of the week has showed up at the doormat again. A new week calls for a new topic, and the topic for the week is my favorite. Today’s word of the day is; pisas (humming bird).

There will be a couple of examples to look at, as we learn this word.

pisas kickani cikas gi.

pisas mo gillank gi.

These are some simple sentences that you could use out in the field, or just when you look at them. I’ll break down each sentence into each word, so everyone can see how simple they actually are.

pisas = humming bird

kickani = small

cikas = bird

gi = is

This straightforward sentence describes a lot about pisas. We also see some familiar words in this sentence as well, so understanding which word goes where should be simple.

pisas = humming bird

mo = very

gillank = fast

gi = is

Looking at this sentence, it is actually just as simple when comparing it to the other one. Plus, just like the other sentence, this example describes the characteristics of pisas quite a bit.

Hope everyone learned something new today. There are also recordings of the examples attached as well.