Word of the day: sidyayka

dic psekst giulank nanokens!

gen waytas wonipniks gi.

Hello everyone, the week is almost over. We talked about being tired, but what about being happy? We’ll cover that today. Today’s word of the day is; sidyayka (happy).

There will be two examples to follow with.

ni sidyayka.

dal i sidyayka?

I’m sure we touched on this word a few times. But now it’s in the spotlight, and I’ll break the example sentences down to the word.

ni = I

sidyayka = be happy

This is another very simple sentence that anyone can say. Just make sure that when you’re translating it on paper, you remember that the “be” for the word sidyayka is expendable, so you can replace it for “am” to get a more fluid sentence. Or you might like saying “I be happy.”

dal = yes/no question indicator

i = you

sidyayka = happy

I know there aren’t too many times you can say this, but you can use this question to check on your best friend or someone. Remember that one selfless act can lead to another, which can brighten someone’s day sooner or later.

Hope everyone learned something new today.