Word of the day – wdoma

dic mbosant nanokens!

gen waytas ndanniks gi.

Hello everyone, the week has come to a mid-point. Another verb is down on the list of the week’s agenda, and another one is coming right up. Today’s word of the day is; wdoma (swim).

There will be two examples to follow along with as we learn how to use this word.

ni kyem sitko wdoma.

ona ni ewsdat wdomawapka.

These are simple sentences to read and say. To give everyone insight on the meanings, I’ll break down the examples to get a peek at each word.

ni = I

kyem = fish

sitko = like

wdoma = swim

This sentence states that I swim like a fish. Whether that means I am the best swimmer or not, is not the subject of the matter. However, we do know that fish are good swimmers, and I am comparing myself to one.

ona = soon

ni = I

ewsdat = in the lake

wdomawapka = will swim

This sentence expresses a time element. Everyone can say this sentence during the summer. The location in this example is not specific, so you could add in the name of the place if you know it.

Hope everyone learned something today. There are recordings of the examples attached as well.