Committee Members

Mario Sampson – Chair

Kristi Cole

Danita Herrera

Enrollment Committee

The Enrollment Committee’s purpose is to advise and make recommendations to the Klamath Tribal Chairman and Tribal Council regarding enrollment matters affecting the Klamath Tribes.  The authority for the Enrollment Committee is set forth in the Enrollment Ordinance of the Klamath Tribes.

The Enrollment Committee derives its authority from the Enrollment Ordinance of the Klamath Tribes.

Enrollment Ordinance Klamath Tribal Code Title 1 Chapter 4:

4.01 The purpose of the Enrollment Committee is to provide for the development and maintenance of the Klamath Tribal membership roll and to provide an orderly method for considering applications and other actions associated with the maintenance of the Klamath tribe’s membership roll, including but not limited to, forfeiture of enrollment, voluntary withdrawal, actions for removal and blood degree corrections.

4.02 Enrollment Committee:  The Enrollment Committee shall be composed of six Klamath Tribal members who have attained the age of 40 appointed by the Tribal Chairman with concurrence of the Tribal Council.