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Steve Rondeau

Steve Rondeau


Office Location:
501 Chiloquin Blvd.
Chiloquin, OR 97624

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 436
Chiloquin, OR 97624

(800) 524-9787 or (541) 783-2219

(541) 783-2029

Office Manager
Tahnaya Parrish
541-783-2219 ext 161

Natural Resources Department

Protection of the natural-resource related rights guaranteed to the tribes in the treaty of 1864 is largely the responsibility of the Natural Resources Department. This department aids the Klamath Tribes mission by protecting, preserving and enhancing natural resources. The Game Management Program patrols, investigates and reports within the parameters defined by the Klamath Tribes Management Plan. The Aquatic Ecologist and the research Biologist collect data and perform research toward the goal of protecting and managing fisheries, aquatic resources and wildlife.
The Natural Resource Specialist in timber assures the protection, and promotes the enhancement, of entire ecosystems and the wildlife habitat contained within them. Geographic Information Systems provide graphic analytical capabilities for natural resource applications. This departments future plans are focused on ecosystem restoration and efforts towards the administration, protection and enhancement of Klamath Treaty hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering rights.

Online System for Big Game Tags

Tribal Hunting privileges are only available for enrolled members of the Klamath Tribes. For this reason, we must ensure that you are an enrolled member before tags can be issued. If you have never purchased electronic tags in the past, you must first come to the Klamath Tribes Natural Resources Department where we can ensure your enrollment status and create a user file. Following that initial visit, you will have the opportunity to purchase your hunting tags from this site 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

You will have two separate opportunities for purchasing your tags. You can either purchase your tags within the Natural Resources department at the Klamath Tribes Administration office or you can purchase them on-line via the Kamath Tribes’ website.