Klamath Tribes Youth Council Members

Klamath Tribes Youth Council Members

Female Chair: Alivia Miller

Male Chair: Lance Stone

Secretary: Elaine Gilcrist

Treasurer: Shakyla Jackson

Media Coordinator: Mia Hutchinson

At-Large Members:

Travis Jackson

Natasha Roberson

Cienna Roberson

Leilonnie Wilson

Scarlett Schroeder

Maggie Hicks

Taylon Kalama

Malulani Wright

Shayla Ochoa

Azlea Weiser

Klamath Tribes Youth Council

Mission Statement: “The purpose of the Klamath Tribes Youth Council is to provide a collective voice and represent Klamath Tribal Youth in all matters that concern them: 
To serve as a means of mobilizing and coordinating actions of youth, other community members, and organizations toward positive goals; To promote the development of future Tribal leaders: to coordinate school and community service projects: to protect and preserve the culture and traditions of the Klamath, Modoc, and Yohooskin Paiute people; and to provide opportunities for youth to interact for fun and fellowship.”


Klamath Tribes Youth Council

Youth Council Projects & Events:

  • Klamath Tribes Youth Summit & Youth Council Re-elections
  • Klamath Tribes Restoration Celebration
  • Holiday Baskets
  • Cultural Presentations
  • Community Clean Up
  • C’waam Ceremony
  • Annual Elders Honor Days
  • Monthly Youth Council Meetings & Bonding Activities
  • National UNITY Conference
  • Sticker Shock Campaign
  • Culture Camp
  • Youth Council Orientation
  • Youth Council Swearing-In
The Klamath Tribes 8th Annual Youth Summit
Flyer for 8th Annual Klamath Tribes Youth Summit